What is Open Imagery Network?

Open Imagery Network (OIN) is a discoverable network of openly licensed imagery. Contributors to OIN make imagery and its associated metadata available under a common license. Open Imagery Network connects satellite and aerial imagery providers, humanitarian relief efforts, cloud hosting companies, uav and balloon mapping enthusiasts, governments and NGOs, mapping companies, and anyone else who is producing, hosting, and using aerial imagery. Open Imagery Network allows access to open imagery without requiring one entity to host it all, and enables contributor to manage and control the imagery they make available.

Who else is in the network?

Open Imagery Network is simply a way of discovering the imagery that is available on the network, and does not provide hosting of imagery data. Information about the location and the storage type for contributed imagery and metadata can be found in the OIN Register. Anyone can access and read imagery found from this register, enabling tooling to be built that searches across all participating open imagery data. If you have imagery that you would like to contribute to OIN, but cannot provide hosting, please contact the OpenAerialMap team.

Contribute to Open Imagery Network

Interested in joining this community? Open Imagery Network's mission is to develop a community around the sharing, use, and hosting of open imagery. Having a network of openly licensed imagery will enable innovative approaches in the consumption and analysis of imagery, and will give those who collect imagery an easy way to share that valuable resource. Get started by learning more about how to create storage location to share your imagery.